Rainmaker Summit Workshop

During this 2 & 1/2 day event, Powerteam small business experts will personally train you on how to grow your business… or launch a new one! The Rainmaker Summit is a comprehensive strategy weekend, designed specifically to help you create a clearly defined, 24 Month Success Blueprint for your life and business! Learn how to connect with multi-millionaires and realize the benefits of being part of the Powerteam Network! The Rainmaker Summit is a Breakthrough Experience for business owners and entrepreneurs! At Rainmaker, you will reignite your passion, become focused and design your 2 year success plan! Come and discover proven systems and accountability programs specifically designed to increase your revenue! You will learn how to connect with millionaires, network with other brilliant people, tap into your own competencies and take 100% ownership in creating success in the future!

* 2-1/2 Day Breakthrough Experience
* 2 Year Success Plan
* Increased Productivity
* Money Making Website
* Acquiring Business Capital
* Professional Business Coaching
* Great Networking Opportunities
* Social Media Strategies
* Your 2 Minute Presentation
* Connect With Millionaires
* Business Marketing System
* Laser Focused Vision
* Get Super Organized
* Make More Money
* Have More Time
* Live Your Passion
* Access to Powerteam Resource Center
* Access to Global Rainmaker Community

A Blueprint For Success…
Would you invest several hundred thousand dollars to build a house, and then neglect paying for a blueprint? Your chances of ending up with anything usable would be slim to none! A project such as building a house or assembling a car requires a detailed plan, crafted by experts with experience. Isn’t your future and quality of life more important than any material posession, like a car or house? The fact is that the marketplace is constantly changing and solid proven plans are more essential then ever… Especially in these tough economic times!

…Or The School Of Hard Knocks?
Many young people will spend over $150,000 of their parent’s (or their own) money to attend a university or college for four or more years to get a good education so they can get a good job. However, many are working at that “good” job for a long time to pay off the loans for their education and many are finding out that those “good” jobs don’t last or aren’t what they had expected. After many years of toiling at a job just to pay the bills and try to squeeze out a moderate quality of life, many people are frustrated and feeling that they are missing out on the most important parts of life such as watching their children grow up and being there to share in the important experiences in life. But when it comes to investing a small fraction of that amount in their own education to finally achieve their dreams, many people are reluctant or don’t think they can afford it. The truth is that colleges do not teach you how to develop residual income or how to connect with influential people so that you can add true value to their life and increase the quality of your own life. Many people feel stuck in their current circumstances and don’t see a realistic method of ever breaking out of that cycle. A weekend at a Rainmaker Summit event can change that. It can help you connect with the right people and open up ideas to develop true residual income from businesses that will keep paying you even after you stop working. We can show you how you can use current technology to present your business in a first class manner and have a truly international business without a large investment.One of the most valuable benefits that you will receive from a weekend at the Rainmaker Summit is the connections and networking that will happen during that time. Unlike some seminars where the speakers come and go just for their presentations, at Rainmaker Summits, most speakers are there all weekend to assist you with your business ideas and plans. Also, this is not just a time for sitting passively and listening to different speeches. There are many interactive opportunities where you develop and practice your skills. This includes your 29 second “elevator” speech, making your “Why” movie, learning about accountability and management systems and exchanging ideas about what works in today’s economy. Some long-term relationships have been formed at Rainmaker Summits that turned into profitable joint ventures. There is simply no experience that is better for launching or growing your business. Whether you have an online business, a brick or mortar business or no business at all, you need the skills and connections that are taught at the Rainmaker Summits.

Let POWERTEAM help you strengthen the key Success Communication Skills & Systems you need to succeed in business and in life


POWERTEAM seminars are presented in cities all over the World including United States, Canada, Mexico, and many other nations internationally